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  • Actress Cate Blanchett
    'Elizabeth: the Golden Age' is a great adventure from the Tudor era
    “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” is the sequel to the 1998 Oscar-nominated film Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett returns as Elizabeth I, England’s great and glorious monarch and Geoffrey Rush returns as her advisor and spymaster, Francis...
  • Movie poster for 'The Lazarus Effect'
    The cast of 'The Lazarus Effect' discusses life after death
    The supernatural horror film The Lazarus Effect takes a cue from movies like Frankenstein and Re-Animator as it features scientists who are intent on bringing the dead back to life. It stars Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass as Zoe and Frank, a couple...
  • Gran Turismo pic1
    'Tron Legacy' Director Revs Up for 'Gran Turismo' Movie
    Joseph Kosinski's potential as a filmmaker has far exceeded the box office results of his two features. Both Tron Legacy and Oblivion underperformed with audiences, and now Kosinski is moving to break away from the sci-fi genre and onto...