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ZZ Top's 2014 new year of touring begins (Photos)

On Jan. 1, 2014, it was announced that ZZ Top has not slowed down when it comes to touring, and the band is already busy performing into the new year. So much so that the band's tour dates are filling up for 2014!

ZZ Top
ZZ Top
ZZ Top, Photo: Getty Images for GQ/Rob Kim
ZZ Top
Billy Gibbons, Photo: Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Take note of ZZ Top's busy schedule. Some of their tour dates are listed below.

ZZ Top is known for its strong blues roots, but the band's musical style has changed over the years. Their musical genre is still considered as blues, but rock and hard rock come in to the blend as well.

When it comes to rock and roll the band proved themselves a decade ago, as they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

There have been other ZZ Top band members in years past. Currently the band has three musicians who have been together since the late 60s.

  1. Billy Gibbons – vocals, guitar (1969–present)
  2. Dusty Hill – bass, keyboards, vocals (1969–present)
  3. Frank Beard – drums, percussion, (1969–present)

Recent tour locations that the band has been on were in the more southern states. However, the majority of ZZ Top's tours coming up, including those in March, will be in a much colder location - that of Canada!

ZZ Top March 2014 Schedule

  • March 7 - Aspen, Colo.
  • March 8 - Denver, Colo.
  • March 12 - Brandon, MB Canada
  • March 13 - Winnipeg, MB Canada
  • March 14 - Moose Jaw, SK Canada
  • March 16 - Cold Lake, AB Canada
  • March 17 - Calgary, AB Canada
  • March 18 - Edmonton, AB Canada
  • March 20 - Kelowna, BC Canada
  • March 21 - Victoria, BC Canada
  • March 22 - Vancouver, BC Canada
  • March 29 - Laughlin, Nev.

More dates, locations, events and other details are available at, plus enjoy the band at Videos and on Facebook.

Video above is about the band cancelling one of their tours. Also enjoy slideshow of ZZ Top on different tours!

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