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Zynga temporarily halts plans to close YoVille

Zynga temporarily halts plans to close YoVille
Zynga temporarily halts plans to close YoVille
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With less than a month until dooms day arrive in YoVille, Zynga told players exactly what they had hoped to hear. On March 5, Zynga informed the YoVille community on Facebook that they have halted plans to close one of its oldest games.

On Wednesday Zynga informed YoVille players that they are in deed in talks with Big Viking Games over the possible sell of YoVille, and that announced that they have canceled plans to close YoVille.

In January Zynga informed the YoVille community that they planned to sunset YoVille on March 31, 2014, which would end a game that has been live on Facebook since 2008. Players were shocked, saddened, and more importantly determined to keep they game they love alive.

Within hours players started reaching out to Big Viking Games, which is the company that created YoVille and sold it to Zynga, asking them to purchase the game back from Zynga. Big Viking Games was moved by the passion of the players, and announced they would consider buying the ill fated game if Zynga reached out to them.

Zynga and Big Viking Game continue to work to hash out a deal, but the future of YoVille is still uncertain. However, news that YoVille is safe for now is a huge relief to the players who have been fighting to save the game they love.

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