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Zynga’s announcement to end YoVille angers fans into boycott petition

Facebook fans and other social gamers have enjoyed Zynga games with the “Ville” approach. Games like FarmVille, CityVille, and others have joined together friends and strangers who connect via an online game in a joint community setting. One of the games that helped launch Zynga’s games to popularity in 2008 is YoVille.

Fans try to save YoVille or boycott all Zynga games
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YoVille is a game where players build homes, decorate them, and entertain and interact with friends. Players have the option of purchasing YoCash in exchange of real money. Many players enjoy these games so much that they upgraded their game-playing membership to a paid V.I.P. agreement and were willing to pay a premium to continue YoVille and other Zynga games. Now, however, it looks like if you enjoy spending your spare time involved in a game of YoVille; it’s time to begin making plans for what you will do in your spare time this spring.

According to Venture Beat, it looks like YoVille will be going away by the end of March unless a group of unhappy YoVille players get their way. Type in "Save YoVille" into a Facebook search, and several pages will will come up, with this one of the most popular Save YoVille pages. One group has started a petition in an effort to save YoVille or boycott all Zynga games.

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