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Zynga players outraged over YoVille closure announcement

Zynga players outraged over YoVille closure
Zynga players outraged over YoVille closure
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According to an article published by Venture Beat on Jan. 12, Zynga has decided to close up shop on one of its longest running Facebook games.

Venture Beat reports that Zynga recently informed YoVille Players that the game many of them have been playing since 2008 will cease to exist as on March 31, 2014. Zynga told players that it was a difficult decision to make, but they choose to sunset YoVille in order to focus their energy on new and better games.

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YoVille players are proving to be very passionate, and many have sought out ways to save their favorite pastime. One player started a petition on urging Zynga to sell the game to another company, and vowed to stop playing all Zynga games if they moved forward with the shutdown. The petition has gathered more than 5,300 signatures to date.

There has been a ray of hope given to YoVille players. Big Viking Games, which is the company that owned YoVille before Zynga took over, has expressed interest in purchasing the game to keep it alive; however, there has been no word on whether or not Zynga is entertaining the offer.

YoVille is a virtual world where players get to work, shop, decorate homes, dress in outlandish costumes, and host parties and sales for their friends and neighbors.

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