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ZWear: A Turn-key Wearable Platform with GPS and OTA Coding


Developing a Wearable device is a tough job. ZWear could speed up your development procedure when implementing your own wearable idea.Wear is embeds with a ZOS firmware system, which comes with ZOS IDE((Integrated Development Environment) --the first IDE running on iPhone/iPad. ZOS IDE in iPhone/iPad could let you access the source file for the firmware, modify and program it via iPhone to your ZWear boards in minutes.

Using ZOS IDE to work on a ZWear device could be as simple as two steps: step 1, scan to find a ZWear device; step 2, write code and program it to the device.

Here is the schedule for production:

Production Plan

APR: Board, API design

May: Board prototype, cloud Prototype and API testing.

JUN: App and cloud design and implementation

JUL: Components tooling & manufacture

AUG: Lab testing and certification

SEPT: Production and testing

OCT: Packing and Shipping to backers

You can support them on Kickstarter.

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