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Zwanger Pesiri give back Sundays offers free radiology services to uninsured


  Give Back Sundays from Zwanger Pesiri Radiology.

Zwanger Pesiri knows that living without Medical Insurance on Long Island is rather common for many. To help those who are struggling to find health insurance that is affordable, but are still living without it, Zwanger Pesiri Radiology started an amazing program back in April of 2009 called Give Back Sundays. They have decided to continue this program through 2010 at their eight offices on Long Island.

All those helping with Give Back Sundays are volunteer radiologists, technologists, receptionists and many more! Zwanger Pesiri is hoping to inspire those they help to donate time and volunteer for a cause they believe in.

The following Sundays included in this program:

What makes someone eligible for Give Back Sundays? You have to have a referral/prescription from a doctor, you MUST live in Nassau or Suffolk and you MUST NOT have health insurance. In order to be seen, bring a valid ID, the referral from the doctor, proof of being uninsured or unable to pay (pay stub documenting less than 20 hours of work, W2 form showing family income less than 30K, letter of termination from employer, letter from referring doctor).

Exams being offered at Give Back Sundays are MRI, MRA, Breast MRI, CT, CTA, Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Digital X-Ray, Digital Mammography, Barium Enema, Upper GI Series, Bone Density, Ultrasound and Biopsy. Please visit here for more details about the restrictions for these tests. In order to have these exams, please check out how to prepare for the exams here.

To make an appointment, please visit here for the phone number to call and instructions on what to do.

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