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Zuri's Circle Cancer Survivor Benefit Lunch

Zuri's Circle Cancer Survivors Lunch
Zuri's Circle Cancer Survivors Lunch
Zuri's Circle

[Tempe, Ariz]--- There is no greater feeling in life than overcoming death. This Sunday, Zuri's Circle hosts a cancer survivor benefit luncheon at the Olive Branch in Tempe. This event aims to awareness and encouragement for cancer patients Sasha Flynn,Tyisha Colter, Mirynda McCall, and Tamara Ortiz; the four women, all mothers to young children, continue to remain hopeful and strong, despite fighting the hardest battles of their lives. Truth be told, each woman has an incredibly inspirational story to share.

Zuri's Circle, a community organization that provides persistence, confidence, integrity and individuality to the youth in the community is gearing up this Sunday to gather positive energy and vibes while raising money for the four families dealing with cancer. The event is only $5 to attend and will include guest speakers, special awards, shopping, food and more.

Sasha Flynn explains that even though she was angry and scared after being diagnosed with cervical cancer, "My children were alive and healthy. I still had a beating heart, a job, a car, a roof over my head and so much more." She continues, "I know there is a reason for all this and as twisted as his sounds, I am grateful for these storms because I know there is a light and the end of this & now I can bring awareness to others."

Breast cancer patient Tyisha Colter, a mother of five, continues to work full-time, raise her children and keep a smile on her face, even when it sometimes seems impossible. Her friends share that when she told them she had cancer, it was nonchalant and almost casual, like her way of saying, "I got this, I'm going to be alright."

Sadly, statistics show that one in three women will develop some form of cancer in her lifetime. For the four women being honored this Sunday, that fact rings true, but they have not lost hope. The women will continue to be strong, take care of their children and put on a happy face for their loved ones. With the support of Zuri's Circle, the community, family, and friends, they will hopefully raise the money necessary to get the care they need. One day each of them will be able to say they looked death in the face and won.

Olive Branch is located at 3231 S. Mill Rd. in Tempe and the lunch is Sunday, June 29th from 10 o'clock to 2:00pm.

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