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Zumba to get rid of stress, worries, and extra weight


Pictured:  Karen Sussman, certified personal trainer shows off her Zumba moves.  Photo, courtesy of Karen Bonnet

If you haven’t already noticed, every health club and gym on Long Island is getting into the Zumba craze. The demand for Zumba has literally exploded in the fitness world and heads the top of the list in health clubs everywhere. What, you may ask, is Zumba? It’s a unique and infectious fitness program that infuses hypnotic Latin music and a variety of dance moves that make working out invigorating, fun, rewarding and beneficial. And to top it off, it’s healthy.

The Zumba concept was created accidentally by Alberto Beto Perez, a professional dancer and trainer from Colombia. His trademark fitness program began with a regular aerobics music class. After forgetting to bring his aerobics music to the class, he improvised by using some of the Latin tapes he had in his car. Perez captivated the class with the music and non-traditional aerobic moves, and in a short period of time, a revolutionary concept in fitness was born. His success in Colombia followed him to the United States where he brought his Zumba, and had the concept trademarked. Soon after, it was expanded to cities throughout the country and eventually, the world.

Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Karen Sussman, teaches Zumba several times a week at Echo Park Pool complex in West Hempstead. There are 65 people in her new Zumba night class, offered through the Town of Hempstead. She says that all her Zumba classes are popular because people love the Latin moves.

 “It’s like a dance party—you don’t have to know the moves,” said Sussman. “It’s not like a step class where if you miss one step, you’re done. It’s very easy to follow and it’s fun. It’s all abdominals, and if you’re consistent with it, you’ll lose weight.”

 If you're interested in learning more about Zumba, please visit additional sites below:

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  • Eileen Lichtenstein 5 years ago

    I love Zumba!! and dance at Sky Athletic in RVC.
    Katherine Sun AM is the best- she's on your link Sky had a "zumbathon" fundraiser last week- for 2 hours I was working out-and smiling! Check this out from my blog post in April '09:

  • Vivian Ellis 5 years ago

    A fun way to exercise. Makes staying in shape easier.

  • Gail Many 5 years ago

    I love zumba classes. I don't dance well but this is fun and easy and a great workout. At the end of class everyone is so happy upbeat. That alone is worth it. Good article. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth ROWE 5 years ago

    You nailed this one, Karen! Zumba is quite the craze and tres effective. It also requires no equipment; just you and some soft sneakers...and, of course, plenty of water. I started it last November. It's a great to let out all the tension after a day of work. It's a's's Zumba!

  • Ellie Kachmar 5 years ago

    Now I know why Im in such good shape at 82 after 60 years of having a Spanish sister learning all the Latin dancers from her I still put on my Latin music and dance by myself silly

  • Karen Bonnet 5 years ago

    Thanks girls...lets keep on and get in shape for spring!

  • Evelyn Truhn 5 years ago

    After reading your column, I checked out the video.
    I'll have to find out if a gym in NH has Zumba!
    I've never heard of it before this. Thanks!

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