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Zumba Hits the Step Market

Eliza Stone who has been teaching Zumba for 11 years and traditional aerobics is excited about Zumba's newest program, Zumba Step. About six years Columbian Beto Perez, founder of the Zumba program started cooking up the idea of reviving the "step class". He had been teaching step classes long before he initiated the world craze Latin dance phenomenon.

Step seemed to take a drop in number of participants more than ten years ago says veteran fitness instructor, Tracey Carr of Edward Health and Fitness Center. The moves got to be difficult for newbies to follow and dance spins, twist and tempo changes frustrated the new users while delighting the seasoned steppers. Zumba has their own circular Zumba step product. However the class format works with the traditional Reebok Step platform too.

While certified Zumba instructors are singing up the step programming, the additional cost of equipment may keep this in the gyms rather than in the park districts and open park spaces where classes are found as well. Zumba Step launched two months ago and is now in Mexico, California as well as Europe. Gyms like LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness have been offering Zumba dance classes and will launch the step programs as well.

Zumba instructors take a general certification course but are not required to be certified by a national alliance like American Council on Exercise. However, they are encouraged to further their training education. Instructors pay a monthly fee to teach the programs as well as new education. For those following the Zumba cult, it can be one more way to rejuvenate a platform and instill even more followers. Currently there are thousands of Zumba teachers in the world with more than 14 million people worldwide taking weekly Zumba classes.

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