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Zumba fitness


 This picture (left) is worth six words, a cure to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).   More people are diagnosed with ADD nowadays.  When working out, who doesn’t have ADD?  Instead of enjoying the workout you are wondering if you’re actually going to work off that "Five Star Pizza" you just ate.  Every now and then one is graced with the Holy Grail, a gym television.  While you are normally enjoying reruns of your favorite “Friends” and “Charles in Charge” episodes there is a better solution to the boredom.   Are you a talented dancer? Have you ever heard of Zumba?

 Let go of your inhibitions and welcome a party atmosphere.  Zumba, an exuberant and relatively new workout, is designed to make working out enjoyable.  Zumba could be considered aerobics and dance in a blender (or perhaps aerobics on crack, kind of like your favorite Starbucks frappuccino without the crack that is).

Zumba was originally founded in the 90s by Beto Perez, the choreographer.  Zumba spread from Colombia to six continents and more than thirty countries by 2009.  Zumba fitness junctions Latin dance and music with low and high interval training.  Included are many different types of music and dance styles akin to: Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Mambo, and many more an absorbing style. 

The Zumba discipline is meant to focus on sculpting, toning, and strengthening while ravenously devouring calories.  Zumba targets all ages.  It also keeps an allure for those with the desire to teach.  Workshops are offered that cover paramount techniques.  Some of the training covers zumba steps, rhythm, aqua training, physiological needs, toning, psychological, and the list continues. 

Whether one can dance or not doesn’t matter.  Zumba classes are constructed for a fun party like atmosphere.  Zumba classes are offered in Gainesville.  Now go visit your doctor and cancel your prescription.  Now you’ve got Zumba to cope with your ADD. 

For more info: Visit Evolve Pilates & Fitness.