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Zumba in Coconut Creek

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Everybody does the Zumba. Popular with all ages and classes filled to the gills.

Zumba by Cheryl is in Coconut Creek for those of you looking for something in that neighborhood, it's in the Fort Lauderdale area and easy distance from Boca Raton, Deerfield, Coral Springs, Pompano, and Parkland.

Cheryls classes are fun because they have different levels starting from beginning and offer the first class of beginners for free.

Many gyms also offer the class though you may need to modify to your comfort level.

Zumba fitness is a highly energetic Latin dance type workout to Latin music. It utilizes actual Latin dance moves from salsa, bachata, merengue and others in connection to the music. So you're not just getting a workout, you're also acquiring Latin dance steps. Another good thing about this is that you're doing repetition segments for the workout (like you do in any other workout) which in itself is drilling you on the move thus building muscle memory.

Even seniors can try classes, basically you'll find people of various ages attending classes but regardless of age one always adapts moves to fit their own pace and motion. The majority of different places around town here in South East Florida for Zumba classes are fast-paced energy. But once again, depending on your level and pace, just modify the moves and the speed to fit your personal fitness level and comfort. You can also seek for beginner Zumba classes which are very good for starters. The moves are not too difficult per say but it does have a lot of whacked out booty shaken. Regular Zumba classes can get complicating for a beginner to follow the fast mix of moves. Zumba by Cheryl has a beginner class that's been tried and seems the most comfortable level to follow.

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