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Zoya's collection for summer: Bubbly and Tickled

Zoya summer collections
Zoya summer collections

The most fun one can have with their summer beauty routine is on your nails, even if you work in the most conservative of officers. Zoya has two wonderful collections of color for all your summer needs. For a little dazzle is the Bubbly Collection and for brights is the Tickled Collection. Individual colors are $9 and a complete set is $54.

The Bubbly Collection is a range of sparkles. Muse is a rich bold blue where the glitter evokes a summer night sea. Stassi is a brilliant bright green and gold undertones. Harper is a perfect candy, girly pink. BInx is the other pink which is a deeper shade with purple hints of orchid. Alma is a ray of yellow sunshine to wake up any day. Jesy is a tangerine orange that brings the citrus trend to the table.

The Tickled Collection is a milky range of neons, which is a wonderful take on last years brights. It is much more approachable, and age appropriate, but fun at the same time. Ling is a vibrant blue, just like that highlighter from school you never wanted to dry out. Tilda is a neon candy apple green from fantasy in real life. Rooney is the pink of little doll shoes, the ones that always went missing and made you dream of high heels at too young of an age. The owner was Barbie. Kitridge is your classic bubble gum pink minus the stickiness. Wendy is a pinkish melon will have you craving a refreshing fruit salad. Rocha is a rich, coral red which would look dashing on your toes as you jet to the beach.