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Zoya Earth Day Exchange

Exchange your old nail polish for some new Zoya colors
Exchange your old nail polish for some new Zoya colors

If you are anything like me, you have quite a few bottles of old and dried up nail polish that no amount of thinner is going to revive. You can now take advantage of the Zoya Earth Day Exchange to safely dispose of unwanted polishes and replace them with some fresh new colors at a pretty steep discount.

The promotion is only going until Monday, 4/28 (11:59PM EST). Start by going to and choosing at least 6 and no more than 24 polishes, and when you check out using code ZDAY2014, your total will reflect a 50% discount (Tickled, Bubbly & Summer Magical PixieDust collections excluded). You don't have to send your old polishes before you place/receive your Zoya order. You also do not need to send as many polishes as you order. Just note that if you do send polishes back to Zoya, make sure they are NOT Zoya polishes and making a purchase during this promotion is not contingent upon sending polish back to Zoya.

To learn all the details of this offer check out Zoya's blog post here.