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Zotos 180 Pro Line: Review

Zotos 180 Pro Line
Zotos 180 Pro Line
Zotos via Ginae

Zotos Professional is a division of Zotos International. They are soon to debut the 180PRO line of hair care products. This line is designed to target particularly traumatized tresses and repair up to two years worth of damage. It encompasses two shampoos, two conditioners, three styling formulas and three treatments.

All of the products smell great and we like the shampoo.


1 Zotos 180 PRO Frizz Resister Dry Shine Oil MicroMist ($8.99)
1 Zotos 180 PRO Heat Rescue Leave-In Hydrator ($8.99)
1 Zotos 180 PRO Moisture Repair Discovery Kit ($5.99)
2 Zotos 180 PRO Moisture Repair Shampoo ($8.99)
1 Zotos 180 PRO Rapid Restorer Rinse-Out Balm ($8.99)
1 Zotos 180 PRO Total Tamer Foaming Smoother ($9.99)

However, we do not have frizzy hair. Hence, we imparted these items to a dear friend who does have frizz and she was very disappointed. She has no idea which product does what, as she used all of them on two separate days, according to instructions.

This left her hair dry, with a "straw-like" texture.

Sighing. We had such high hopes. We kept the big bottles of shampoo which were sent along with the other items and we like it. It smells great and seems to do the job.

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