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Zoso brings the music of Led Zeppelin to Little Rock

Zoso brought the music of Led Zeppelin to the Rev Room in Little Rock on Saturday, June 7, 2014.
Zoso brought the music of Led Zeppelin to the Rev Room in Little Rock on Saturday, June 7, 2014.
Jerry Tucker

The band Zoso brought ‘the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience’ to the Rev Room in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, June 7, 2014. The band rocked a packed room for well over two hours, playing and acting the part of the classic rock superstars Led Zeppelin.

Zoso plays the Rev Room in Little Rock
Jerry Tucker

Zoso consists of Matt Jernigan who plays Robert Plant, John McDaniel as Jimmy Page, multi instrumentalist Adam Sandling as John Paul Jones and Greg Thompson on the drums as the late John Bonham. The band got its name from one of the four symbols on Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. (The album is sometimes referred to by that name)

They came to the stage a little after 10 p.m., opening with the heavy, lesser known track, “The Wanton Song.” The band then blasted into popular Zeppelin tunes like “Communication Breakdown,” “The Immigrant Song” and “Black Dog,” before an acoustic set that featured “That’s the Way” and “Going to California.” They even played a crowd request, the hard rock song “Achille’s Last Stand.”

McDaniel had the look and sound of Jimmy Page down, from his clothes to his guitar to his actions. Thompson did a superb job as John Bonham, copying perfectly the live drum solo from “Moby Dick,” including the part where Bonham put the sticks down and played drums with his bare hands. Jernigan sounded and looked like Robert Plant, when singing and when speaking to the crowd. And Adam Sandling may have looked the least like the musician he played, but he nailed the bass and keyboard parts, especially during the keyboard solo in the song “No Quarter.”

The final song of the set was the classic rock staple, “Stairway to Heaven,” which had everyone singing along. They came back out and did “Kashmir” as an encore well after midnight.

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Little Rock setlist:

The Wanton Song

Communication Breakdown

The Ocean

Over the Hills and Far Away

The Immigrant Song

Out on the Tiles

Black Dog

That's the Way

Going to California

Achille's Last Stand

Song Remains the Same

No Quarter

Moby Dick (with drum solo)

Stairway to Heaven



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