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Zoos culling animals to make room

The staff at the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark have been receiving death threats after they publicly killed an 18-month-old giraffe named Marius on Sunday. In the U.K., six Longleat Safari Park lions, were killed before the park opened its doors to the public last week. Both zoos are using the same excuse, ‘they needed the room’.

Louisa, seen her with her four cubs that were killed. Also in the picture is pride member Nikata.
Louisa, seen her with her four cubs that were killed. Also in the picture is pride member Nikata.
Mail Online
18-month-old giraffe named Marius was killed in public Sunday.
Daily News

Marius, who was shot in the head with a bolt gun, in public, as he bent over to eat a piece of rye bread, was then publicly dismembered, and his body parts fed to the zoos big cats. The violent display was part of the zoos population control.

The six Longleaf lions were a family pride which consisted of the father (Henry), mother (Louisa), and their four cubs. The park officials killed Henry last month, and the rest of the family was injected last week with a lethal substance from a tranquilizer gun that was administered by the parks vet. The staff is questioning the parks decision to kill the family of six since Henry had already been given a vasectomy, and could no longer produce more offspring.

Most zoos take pride in their animals, and special attention is taken to insure there are no unwanted pregnancies; and even more care is taken to find their animals another zoo or sanctuary if they do find themselves with an overpopulation problem. That is why the public is outraged by the zoos culling because it is the zoos responsibility to provide a safe environment for the animals in their charge.

An Animal-Activist against the Copenhagen Zoo Facebook page was started two days ago that already has close to 4000 fans, the page is petitioning the zoo for the wrongful death of Marius the giraffe.

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