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Zoom, Zoom, Zumba!

I’ve written in the past about some failed attempts at working out and staying fit. I have been known to spazz out at the gym. You have to find what works best for you in the exercise department. Not every workout works for everyone.

Angel takes a Zumba class with Andrea of McDonough
Zumba fitness

During 2012 I am going to bring you Real Women/Real Sexy episodes that highlight a few different alternatives to working out and keeping it sexy! Although I’m sure I’ll still look like a spazz from time to time.

In this episode I invited Lori, Toni, Brandi, Katie and Pattie (I’m sensing a trend here, all my friends have names that end in i or ie) to try Zumba with Andrea at the Dance Academy in McDonough!
We had a blast and found Zumba to be so much fun, we weren’t even looking at the clock on the wall. You know what I’m talking about. You glance at the wall clock during some exercise classes knowing you’ve been torturing yourself for hours when only 10 minutes have passed! Zumba flies by and you lose up to 600 calories a class!
Check us out in the attached video, while we shake our thangs and sweat it out in the process!

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