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Zooey Deschanel’s fingernail art at Golden Globes gets fans approval (photo)

Golden Globe Flowers: Manicure
Golden Globe Flowers: Manicure
Zooey Deschanel / Twitter

Zooey Deschanel piqued the fans interest on Sunday night before she walked the red carpet the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. The actress was getting ready for the big day and shared with her fans a glimpse of her manicure. The star was thinking about flowers as the fingers had daisies painted on the nails.

“Daisy manicure for the #goldenglobes,” tweeted Zooey Deschanel from her official Twitter account. Since the star wasn’t on the red carpet, she shared a quick view of the fingernails in a photograph she posted online. It was obvious this was a perfect choice for the star.

Zooey wasn’t the only star who had special fingernails for the Golden Globe Awards. Kelly Osbourne also shared a look at her fingernails and the artwork was quite spectacular as well. Keeping in the theme of the award show, the reality star actually had a picture of the award on her middle finger.

Over the years fingernail art has become extremely popular with the fans. In fact even E! has a mani-cam that showcases how the fingernails look when the stars walk by. So far, Zooey Deschanel’s fingernail art is the best and she might be tough to beat as the feminine features of daisies are perfect.