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Zoo officials kill young, healthy giraffe

A juvenile giraffe was killed by zoo officials/NOT the giraffe from this story
A juvenile giraffe was killed by zoo officials/NOT the giraffe from this story
Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

According to Sunday's publication of the Daily Mail, a healthy, young giraffe named "Marius," was killed by zoo officials in Denmark today.

The 18-month-old giraffe lived, and died, at the Copenhagen Zoo, despite the desperate efforts of individuals who signed a petition pleading for his life to be spared, and an offer from another zoo to take the juvenile in.

Zoo officials utilized a bolt gun to destroy the juvenile giraffe rather than a lethal injection; the meat from the giraffe will be fed to other zoo animals.

Marius was considered to be "surplus," and Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director, stated:

You have to accept that there is a surplus of animals that cannot be included in the genetic chain without causing inbreeding problems,'

Holst implied that Marius' genes were inferior, telling BBC News:

Giraffes today breed very well, and when they do you have to choose and make sure the ones you keep are the ones with the best genes,"

In addition to feeding Marius to other carnivores at the zoo, his body will be used for research.

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