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Zoo kills lions: Zoo defends killing 4 majestic creatures including 2 cubs

Zoo kills 4 lions, mother, father and their 2 cubs. This sad slaughter defended by zoo officials today.
Zoo kills 4 lions, mother, father and their 2 cubs. This sad slaughter defended by zoo officials today.
Wikimedia Commons

In a bizarre twist of fate the zoo that killed the giraffe and fed it to the lions, has now killed two lions and two cubs. The Danish zoo is defending their decision to kill these animals, which includes guarding against inbreeding, according to Yahoo News on March 26.

It was just a month ago when this Copenhagen zoo slaughtered a giraffe in front of zoo visitors, including children. They then cut up the giraffe’s meat and fed it to the lions and other carnivorous zoo animals, again with zoo visitors watching.

The zoo said that it needed to put down the two lions and the cubs to make way for a new male lion they’ve acquired. This will guard against inbreeding, claims the officials at the zoo.

The new male would not have accepted by the pride if the old male was still around, so that lion had to go. The cubs were killed because they were not old enough to fend from themselves. The new male lion would have killed them, so it looks like the zoo thought ahead to all probably scenarios. What about separating this family of four and letting them live?

CNN News reports today that the aging adult lions were the parents of the two cubs they put down. So, the zoo wiped out an entire lion family. In an interview the spokesman for the Copenhagen Zoo, Tobias Stenbaek Bro, said that the zoo tried to place the cubs elsewhere, but “unfortunately there wasn’t any interest.”

The zoo had gotten a few offers from other zoos to take the giraffe before they killed it, but they refused. The two lions that the zoo killed were “aging,” but wouldn’t some zoo in the world take the two lion cubs? They were just babies being slaughtered.

This time around, the zoo didn’t plan to slaughter the lions and cut them up for food as part of a side show at the zoo, like they did with the giraffe. It was all done behind closed doors.

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