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Zoo kills four lions: A giraffe was first, now zoo kills 4 lions?

If a zoo kills four lions, is there any good reason to justify such a cold-hearted decision? According to Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark, there was justification behind killing a family of lions. This is the same exact zoo that shot a two-year-old giraffe recently and fed it to lions in front of zoo visitors.

The wild animal facility reasoned that the "pride's natural structure and behavior" were factors behind killing the lions -- which included two adults and two cubs. Copenhagen Zoo said Tuesday their decision to euthanize the large cats are all "part of a generational shift," according to MSN March 25.

So the zoo kills lions as part of a "generational shift"? The two adults were. The cubs were put down because they weren't old enough to defend themselves against "the new male lion." Male lions tend to kill cubs they didn't produce with the lioness. They're only partial to their own offspring.

Copenhagen Zoo officials are hoping the two females born in 2012 will produce a new pride.

Last month the zoo got negative attention for killing a giraffe because they wanted to prevent "inbreeding."

This zoo facility is on a roll lately with controversial decisions in doing away with perfectly healthy, young animals. Anytime a zoo kills lions or giraffes in this manner is going to generate serious protest.

How do you feel about Copenhagen Zoo's decision to euthanize the lions?

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