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Zona Fresca for quick and quality Mexican food


Good, quality Mexican eats. Photo from

For inexpensive and quality Mexican cuisine to be had in Fort Lauderdale, and had with expedited consistency, Zona Fresca is the place. With their salsa bar boasting many flavors, as well as an extensive menu of which spicy meals prevail, you are guaranteed a good eat. The place is more often than not teaming with patrons, and obtaining a seat can sometimes be a challenge. Tortilla chips are provided free with every meal, and you are guaranteed freshness.

Zona Fresca is an informal dining facility. To call it fast food, could be a disservice to the establishment since the taste is anything other than fast food. The quality is definitely leagues better that most fast food joints, and the health factor is significantly better. If you are looking for Fajitas, you won’t find them on the Zona menu; they specialize in more authentic Mexican dishes. So for a quick and healthy meal with a kick, give Zona Fresca a bite.

For more info: Zona Fresca 1635 North Federal Highway
There is also a second location at 1095 South University Drive, Plantation, FL.



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