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Zombies monsters and robots aren’t enough for this shooter

Don Swayze, not to be screwed with.

Zombies Monsters Robots is a PC shooter that understands sometimes people tire of just killing zombies, and when that happens, the only thing that is going to satisfy is killing absolutely everything else that can die. ZMR’s goal is simply to give you a gun and a target. With a huge array of weapons, maps and modes, get a group, pick a battle, and unload.

Want to kill pharaohs and dinosaurs with a mech? Looks like that’s gonna happen. How about bugs and sea monsters? You get to kill them aplenty with your highly customized weapons and gear. And what about bringing the pain as Don Swayze with a red tiger stripe machine gun? Yup.

This is third person Serious Sam (without the headless kamikaze, hopefully), with tons of variety, and some COD: Zombies barricading thrown in. There’s nothing not to like here from what I can see.

Head over to to log in or sign up for your En Masse account to enter for early access and exclusive in-game items. With early play in May, you’re not gonna have to wait too long to get your carnage fix. The full experience is coming this summer, and will be free to play.

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