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Zombies invade Boulder for CU's spring Humans vs. Zombies game (Photos)

It's time for this spring's game of Humans vs. Zombies at CU, Boulder!
It's time for this spring's game of Humans vs. Zombies at CU, Boulder!
Jess d'Arbonne

If you happen to be strolling through Boulder, Colorado this week and find yourself caught in the crossfire between screaming people spattered with blood and other screaming people wielding Nerf guns, have no fear. It's just the University of Colorado's springtime game of Humans vs. Zombies, the most awesome collegiate version of Tag the world has ever known.

These brave CU students are geared up and ready to play Humans vs. Zombies.
Jess d'Arbonne

From today until Friday evening, CU students will wage an epic battle between the living and the undead both on campus and around the city of Boulder. The feint of heart should avoid public parks and the CU campus itself. The war will rage until the humans are eliminated and zombies have taken over as the dominant species at CU.

But what is Humans vs. Zombies, and why does it happen at least once every semester at the University of Colorado, Boulder?

As to the what: HvZ is a complex game of Tag in which zombies (marked by their head bandanas) chase after and tag humans (marked by their arm bandanas), who defend themselves with Nerf guns and balled-up sock projectiles. Humans can stun a zombie for ten minutes before it comes back to unlife, but once a human joins the zombie horde, they spend the remainder of the game as a zombie. The game begins with one zombie, and ends with only a handful of humans.

Now here's the why: HvZ has become one of the biggest, most entertaining community events on campus. Students who get involved in HvZ form lasting friendships, learn creative problem-solving skills, and work together outside of class. As far as the school administration is concerned, it's a character-building exercise. As far as the brave players of HvZ are concerned, it's a helluva good time.

Hundreds of CU students play every semester. The game has the benefit of functioning like a real zombie outbreak drill. With years of zombie-fighting practice under their belts, the students of CU have become an efficient and well-schooled force of zombie fighters. Y'know... just in case that pesky zombie apocalypse ever happens.

So do not be alarmed at the shrieking hordes of CU students racing through Boulder all week. If you see a band of Nerf gun-wielding young people creeping through your front yard, rest assured that they are merely doing their civic duty to protect your neighborhood from the zombie threat.

If you missed registration for this semester's game of HvZ, you can still get involved next time. Check out to find out how you can get involved.

Stay informed, stay alive: Visit for more information on the spring game of Humans vs. Zombies at CU Boulder.

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