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"Zombieland" is a fun no brainer


Zombieland movie poster

Rating 5 out of 5!

I am a pretty big fan of zombie films, I have also spent more than a night or two meeting up with friends for some Left 4 Dead action.  The greatness of Zombieland is the successful integration of films and video games into a world that we might not want to live in, but certainly would consider visiting.  That is if you are into killing zombies with unlimited ammo.

This film takes place in the not so distant future after a zombie breakout.  Most humans are dead, but those that are still alive struggle to keep the zombies at the firing end of a firearm.  While the zombies have started getting smarter, "Columbus" (Jesse Eisenberg) has carefully crafted a set of rules to follow to avoid becoming "zombie-chow".  Eventually Eisenberg meets up with 3 others who group up to increase their odds of survival. 

How far has the zombie epidemic spread globally?  Who cares, all that does matter is how many zombies this interesting group are able to take down, with bonus points being awarded for "style". 

Eisenberg is great as well as the attractive Emma Stone.  But Woody Harrelson plays a film role he might have been destined for.  Harrelson's timing is in top form and I could not get enough of him.  Even though Harrelson does have a lot of screen time, it seems that the whole movie could have been about him.  There is also one more person who did an outstanding job, but to mention his name would spoil one of the greatest moments in this film. 

While there were moments that this film seemed to slow and the circumstances that they found themselves in bordered on the irritating, all is forgiven for a very enjoyable product with characters we want to spend more time with.  Zombieland is a very fun film.

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