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Zombie wedding in England: British couple become first UK zombies to marry

Zombies and monsters are so much a part of Jennifer Jones' and Rob Blackmoor's lives that they decided to marry in character as zombies. According to an April 24, 2013 report in The Liverpool Echo, the Stockbridge, England couple caked on their gruesome cosmetics and fake blood, donned a wedding dress and tuxedo, and shuffled down the aisle in a performance that would have made the Corpse Bride proud.

Zombies in pop culture are now a given, but one British couple took it to an extreme by having the UK's first zombie wedding.
Sean Gallup/Zombies

According to ITN News, professional make-up artists came in to do the transformation, then they got into character for the photographs; see the attached video.

The couple's dream (nightmare?) zombie wedding came about when they won a contest to mark the release of the zombie video game, Dead Island Riptide. They had reportedly planned to marry on Halloween, but this was better.

Even the guests were given the living dead treatment by the video games team, and music was provided by Mariachi Mexteca. A honeymoon in the Caribbean was also part of the prize, which doubled as a promotion for Dead Island Riptide. The video game is released in the United Kingdom on April 26.

When interviewed by The Mirror, Rob Blackmoor, 31, said he's always been drawn to zombies, and never “played a zombie game he didn't like.” Jennifer Jones, 27, said that even her mother wasn't surprised, and thought it was a great idea. The couple might have been drawn to zombies, but it came to 'til undeath do them part, their zombie wedding seems like a no-brainnnnnser.

Sources: ITN; The Mirror; Liverpool Echo

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