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'Zombie' safety and self-defense seminar coming June 8th

V. Owens
Accomplished martial artist/author Master Vernon Owens comes home to unveil his new book in his hoemtown of Denver

Save the date of Sunday, June 8th from 4-7 p.m. where at the Mirage Restaurant, 13250 E. Mississippi Ave. (right next door to Senor Rics) in Aurora, there will be a FREE safety seminar and book signing unveiling the ‘Zombie Safety and Self-Defense Handbook’, co-authored by Kevin Cole PhD and Master Karate Instructor Vernon Owens.

Owens is familiar to Denver martial arts fans after a long and storied career that includes him being the 1990 International Sabaki Challenge full contact karate middleweight champion, that competition held right here in Denver.

Master Owens now resides in Renton, Washington, (a suburb of Seattle) but returns home to Denver as often as possible to visit family and friends, this time to unveil and autograph copies of his new book.

This easy-to-read book brings a fresh approach in dealing with some of the dangers in everyday life that can be avoided with awareness, common sense and strategy if/when confronted by predators that sometimes (but not always) lurk in the shadows.

The simple strategy is SAFETY FIRST, that meaning to avoid places where your vulnerability to danger makes you an easy target, your being prepared to take matters into your own hands, if need be, a last resort.

This handbook is written with an intended focus on safety whether at home, traveling, at school, alone or just enjoying an evening out on the town with friends, any number of predators looking to take advantage.

Chapters include Avoiding, Awareness, Attitude, Planning, Physical Distance, Home Safety, Work Security, Campus Security, Cyber Safety, Travel, Parties and Dating, Fighting, Legal Issues, Robbery and Theft, Stalking and Abusive Relationships with instructions on how to (as best as can) deal with potentially dangerous situations.

Of particular interest is the chapter on FIGHTING where Owens suggests, ‘You only fight when you know you will get hurt worse if you don’t. Once you decide to fight, once you cross that line, you go all-out, full-scale, HONEY BADGER MODE’!

Each chapter ends with a short quiz asking a question that may seem silly at first but in reality reminds you of how easy it is to have placed yourself in a position of power in nearly every situation.

The comparisons of Zombies, Ogres, Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves and The Undead to predators is easily made not long into the handbook, making it a perfect gift for any youngster you may feel needs to be better prepared for what could be a difficult situation.

Whether you are a real estate agent, teacher, student or a stay-at-home mom, this handbook makes you aware of your maybe being a bit naïve as to how easy it is to have placed yourself in a dangerous, comprising position.

Personally, this handbook will be given as gifts to my wife and daughter, hopefully them in turn purchasing copies for those they feel can benefit.

The 'Zombie Safety and Self-Defense Handbook' can be purchased at for the low price of $17 (dollars) plus shipping.

For information on what was the inspiration to write this book or more background history, contact Master Vernon Owens himself @ Vernon Owens, (206) 853-1639, or e-mail:

Stephen Johnson feature writes for BORICUA

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