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'Zombie plane' theory: More crazy theories behind missing Malaysia Airlines jet

Heard of the "zombie plane theory" yet? Well, strap in, because the latest in the long list of oddball, stone-cold crazy theories regarding missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and why and how it disappeared is padded-wall material. It is being promoted by the media to help explain how the missing plane may have gone so far off course and why signs of a downed aircraft have been so difficult to find. And who is leading on this breaking news? A conspiracy theory website? Reddit? No and no. It's from CNN, reported Huffington Post on March 21.

“It sounds very ominous here, but this is a theory that could explain why and how this plane went down,” Suzanne Malveaux told the CNN audience Thursday. Anchor Wolf Blitzer had introduced the senior correspondent and the "chilling new theory" with the appropriately melodramatic descriptor.

As strange as it sounded, the zombie plane theory was real and the media were hurriedly latching onto it. CNN and MSNBC both ran with stories on the new theory Thursday.

Malveaux described the scenario: Fumes and smoke knock out everyone aboard the Boeing 777 (239 passengers and crew). The plane, on autopilot, flies on until it crashes.

Suzanne Malveaux noted that a similar incident occurred in 1999 when professional golfer Payne Stewart's charter airplane crashed.

Of course, this led to the inevitable question: "Could Malaysia Flight 370 have also turned into a so-called ‘zombie plane?’”

Being the professional journalist she is, Malveaux also noted that there were "skeptics" regarding the zombie plane theory. They considered such an occurrence "highly unlikely," she said, given what was currently known about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

In the two weeks since the plane went missing, there have been some pretty crazy theories presented concerning its circumstances, why it vanished and where it might be. The zombie plane theory is just the latest and takes its place alongside speculation that a UFO intercepted the Boeing 777 and/or aliens absconded with the aircraft and passengers. Then there was the idea that a black hole had been created by a hydrogen bomb smuggled onto the plane, Flight MH370 subsequently finding itself sucked into the inescapable black hole. And there's the Illuminati connection, the Bermuda Triangle transplant, and others.

Another rather crazy theory was discovered by Mashable this week. Called the "shadow plane" theory, it suggests that the Boeing 777 airliner, professionally piloted by men determined to hide their tracks, was hijacked -- transponders and communications equipment turned off -- and flown in the shadow of another aircraft. Proposed by aviation enthusiast Keith Ledgerwood via his tumblr account, the theory details the plotted paths of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight and a passing jet, Singapore 68, that Flight MH370 could have shadowed from the Strait of Malacca (where Malaysia military radar later picked up Flight MH370 after it supposedly had already disappeared over the South China Sea) north toward Singapore, dropping off somewhere along the route.

This theory is given little credibility in the matter of timing and precision flying that would have had to have occurred to pull it off.

There is also the meteor strike theory. CNN has reported that, along with the zombie plane and other theories, there are some who believe a meteor strike brought the Boeing 777 down. However, such a coincidental meeting between plane and meteor stretch the odds to astronomical proportions.

Still, as crazy and far-fetched as some of the theories on the missing plane might be, many of them are possible. Highly unlikely, but possible.

But the bottom-of-the-barrel for theories wasn't reached until HLN enlisted the musings of a psychic. You know, those people who always mumble whatever's missing will be found near a body of water (only this psychic went with "lots of trees")? The only way to get any lower would be to report that John Edward had spoken to the passengers of Malaysia Airlinies Flight MH370 after they had "crossed over."

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