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Zombie Hitman figure from Mattel's Batman: Brave and the Bold invades area shelves

The latest figures from Mattel’s Batman: Brave and the Bold line, based on the animated series of the same name, have started hitting stores in the Cleveland area. This Zombie Hitman version of the classic Solomon Grundy villain was seen at the Steelyard Commons Walmart.


Normally clad only in torn shorts, Solomon Grundy appeared in this gangster garb in the episode “The Night of the Huntress,” which aired last May. Although he’s technically not a zombie, toymakers apparently decided to cash in on the current zombie craze by listing “Zombie Hitman” on the package above and in larger letters than “Solomon Grundy.”


The figure comes with one accessory, a Tommy Gun.


Also in the same assortment is the character Gold from the Metal Men. While Gold was in earlier assortments, it hasn’t stayed long on shelves, probably because its accessory is the first action figure version of Starro – the villain in the first comic book appearance of the Justice League of America.