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Zombie Gras 4

Geppi's Entertainment Museum

You’re walking down the streets of Baltimore and decide to stop off at a local watering hole for a quick drink. As you approach, a patron steps out staggering a bit. Thinking nothing of it, you proceed towards the door. Getting closer to the bar you realize the drunk is really not well. Before you can compute anymore of the situation, the person lunges at you and moans “BBBRRRRAAAAIIINNNNSSSS!” On March 29th 2014, this will be considered normal. However, be concerned if this happens any other time of the year and find yourself a Daryl.

Welcome to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum’s (GEM) 4th annual Zombie Gras! Join GEM on March 29th from 10am to 6pm for a day full of Zombie merriment. The living and the undead put hard feelings aside and enjoy each other’s company while perusing GEM’s amazing collection of pop culture artifacts, exchanging gifts of peace from one of the fine vendors, getting a new look from a makeup artist, and possibly having a drink or two.

A now staple of Zombie Graz is the pub-crawl. Participants of Zombie Gras 21 years or older can acquire a wristband allowing them to receive specials at participating restaurants. This year the living and the undead can enjoy deals at Frank and Nic’s West End Grille, Pratt Street Ale House, Tir Na Nog, and Dick’s Last Resort.

Zombie Gras mission as stated on their Facebook page: to fill the halls of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum and the streets of Baltimore with Zombies. Help this mission come true and join GEM in celebrating one of the Worlds largest pop culture genres. ZOMBIES!

For more information please visit the GEM website or the Zombie Gras Facebook page.

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