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Zombie eggs infect Easter

A collection of zombie-themed Easter Eggs from Deviant Art.
A collection of zombie-themed Easter Eggs from Deviant Art.

One might think that zombies have no place in spring décor, but crafty horror enthusiasts disagree! Take inspiration from these talented Deviant Art users who shared their Easter abominations with the Internet.

When making a zombie Easter egg (or any detail-oriented design) don't be afraid move beyond dye baths. Non-toxic, fast-drying paints, such as acrylic craft paint and/or finger paints not only come in a wider variety of colors than egg dye, but also are ideal for detail-work when paired with fine-tipped paint brushes. Markers are great for that finishing touch.

For those who are less inclined to free-hand paint, a paper stencil could be created from a simple printed image and cut out with an exacto-knife before sponging on the design in the desired color. Creative options like denting the egg to create an injury become available if you don't plan to eat its delicious brains.

If you want your egg to be a permanent installation, you could consider purchasing ceramic eggs from Egg Nots, the Oriental Trading Company.