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Zombie Driver Slaughter update released, game discounted

EXOR Studios has released a new update for its open world vehicle action game Zombie Driver, now available for download.

The patch brings the new game mode Slaughter, along with five new maps, in-game twitter and facebook support and more. To celebrate the game has been given a 50% off discount through next week.

The file is available as an automatic update for Steam users who own the game, from the description:

version 1.1.1
changed sound card initialisation method (fix for some Sound Blaster sound cards)
changed order of sorting cars in the Slaughter mode menu to match Story mode
fixed master volume not being saved
added Steam leaderboards modified content warning

version 1.1.0
New "Slaughter" game mode
Added five new arena maps for the "Slaughter" mode with different environmental effects
Harbor - bright midday
City Center - foggy noon
Park - bright dusk
Midtown - night with projected headlights
Suburbs - early dawn
Added specular highlights to most shiny surfaces and all cars
Fat zombie explosion kills are now added to combos
Fat zombies emit toxic fumes for better visibility
Car explosions can now kill zombies and are added to combos
Car explosions can chain from one another
Added new combo names and particles
Money is now awarded for destroying all props
Updated static camera and is now set as the default camera
Adjusted story mode pricing
21 new achievements
Online leaderboards for the Slaughter mode
In-game Twitter support for posting High Scores
In-game Facebook support for posting High Scores
Switched zombie bone animation to hardware
Ogre3D Engine updated to version 1.7
minor tweaks and fixes

version 1.0.6
updated shaders to support most Intel 900 & 950 series graphics cards
fixed problems with some unique combinations of special characters for user installation path in Windows

version 1.0.5
fixed startup crash bug with diacritical signs (special characters) for user installation path in Windows
added memory dump logging after each crash