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Zola Jesus releases music video for 'Dangerous Days' single

Zola Jesus has called it the most unusual and pop-like track from her upcoming album, Taiga. It certainly is a sharp deviation from the artist's dark baroque styles. But now the song has returned to Zola's traditional aesthetic with a new video.

The music video for “Dangerous Days”, Zola Jesus' latest single, was released on August 28 through Zola's YouTube and Vimeo pages. In the video, Zola performs while on the water, set against the mist-covered mountains of Washington.

In the online newsletter for Zola Jesus, director Tim Saccenti spoke about the imagery of the “Dangerous Days” video.

“The song is a pure emotional plea, a future primitive call to arms. To create a moment of light in these dark times was our hope,” Saccenti wrote. “Eschewing a heavy narrative we let the images of the Earth, filmed in wide screen and mixed with a tense unnatural presence, wash over the viewer while Nika communicates her powerful message.”

Zola Jesus' Taiga album will hit stores in early October across the world; the U.S. date is October 7. The artist will be on tour starting on October 10 and will be playing in shows across the world until mid-November. A complete list of tour dates as well as where to pre-order special editions of Taiga can be found at Zola's official website.

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