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ZOE NT LITE - A Game For Having Fun and Learning the Bible

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The bible is the most famous book in the entire world, as well as the whole history of mankind. The wisdom contained in the bible has been appreciated by countless generation of readers, both those who are religious, and those who were simply interested in the thoughts contained in this text. From the moment it was created, the scriptures continue to play an important role in the modern world in many aspects.

ZOE NT LITE is an application created for the iOS operating system. It takes the form of a game and it covers the subject of bible knowledge. Its function is compatible with the iPad; the iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices. This interesting app presents a form of fun activity based on a strategy game. It is designed to test the player’s knowledge of the bible and at the same time help them to learn more about it while playing, mostly by exercising memory, deep thinking process and through a meditative approach.

The original idea for the app came by through combining the mechanics of the game scrabble, an interest in numbers and an option to learn more about the bible via a game that can be enjoyed by a large community. Choosing one of the books that make up the Old and New Testament plays ZOE NT LITE. A player begins with seven numbers, which are played to form verses from the scripture. After that, the player is quizzed about the same bible parts.

After that, the player begins to move on through the game space and lands on different positions. There, scripture questions await the players. Answering the questions on the verses correctly means that the player will be gaining points, while getting the wrong answer includes a loss of the same points. Naturally, the player that gains the highest score wins. The game also includes bonus positions which can aid the players, as well as a big bonus of 100 points which is awarded if the player uses all initial seven numbers and answers them correctly.

The graphic environment of the game is simple and very appealing. The combination of golden and dark orange tones makes the app easy to use, while the clarity of the menu design and all the functions adds to its accessible visual design on an iPhone screen or some other Apple mobile device.

The thing that makes ZOE NT LITE more impressive than the other similar apps it its embedded community options. It includes a chat feature, the ability to randomly search other player or search friends. The scores can be shared through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. All this makes ZOE NT LITE unique when it comes to learning the bible and having fun, but most importantly, all this can be done while playing with other people and sharing a great experience.