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Zoe Baird, Nannygate and Markle Foundation

Zoe Baird
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Today for our women’s issues topic we will look at the life of Zoe Baird. Zoe Baird is an American Lawyer who is the President of the Markle Foundation, an organization which concerns technology, national security, healthcare and generally bettering people’s lives.

The Markle Foundation

‘Under Baird’s leadership for much of the past decade, Markle has worked to catalyze improvements in the quality and cost effectiveness of health care and reform the intelligence community to meet current threats. In 2006, Markle released the Markle Connecting for Health Common Framework for Private and Secure Health Information Exchange,[21] which has been leveraged in policy and implementation efforts across the country and helped shaped landmark health care provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[22] The Markle Work Group on Consumer Engagement conceived the Blue Button in January 2010 as a way for individuals to get easy, secure online access to health information, enabling individuals to download their health data to improve their health and engagement in health care.[23] The Blue Button is now in widespread use by health plans, hospitals, doctors and individuals across the United States.[24]

Defending Zoe Baird

Unfortunately, Zoe Baird is remembered for hiring two illegal aliens from Peru. The Nannygate issue in 1993 caused her the lost of the position of United States Attorney General. This issue caused much controversy about the hiring of illegal aliens in rich people’s homes.

Though she did not become the Attorney General she did serve in Clinton’s office on various committees and boards.

The controversy still goes on today. Debbie Nathan of the Christian Science Monitor says that immigrants are the backbone of the country. She finds that the whole situation with Zoe Baird and later Kimba Wood was hypocritical. Many people in America hire illegal immigrants.

She went on to say, “Lillian Cordero is Baird's former Peruvian nanny, one of some 3 million to 5 million undocumented foreigners in the US. The 20/20 woman had never heard of her. But while Baird was invited to resume her $507,000-a-year job as a corporate lawyer, Ms. Cordero was booted back to Peru along with her husband.’

According to the Victoria Advocate, two women have stepped up to defend Zoe Baird on the issues of feminism. According to Anna Quindlen, Zoe is a mother and though what she did was illegal it was with a mother”s intent that she did it.

Are these women treated fairly when they realize their dream to come to America and then just as quickly sent back? Is cheap labor what a working mother is looking for or is the justice for all women the issue here?

Awards and recognition for Zoe Baird

Businessweek named her one of the “50 Top Women in Business”,[36] she was included as a “Silicon Alley Reporter 100”,[37] was recipient of the “Federal Computer Week Eagle Award”,[38] was a “World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow”,[39] and the inspiration for the Wendy Wasserstein Broadway play An American Daughter.[40]

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