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Zodiac Killer: Who was the Zodiac Killer? Son claims it was his dad in new book

The Zodiac Killer has never been confirmedly identified, but a new book that has just made its way to the New York Times’ bestseller list recently is making waves with the public and media alike. One of the authors of the popular book, “The Most Dangerous Animal of All,” is claiming that he is in fact the son of the purported Zodiac Killer, and that there is definite “evidence” suggesting his father could very well be the brutal, calculating murderer. CBS Local provides the latest news surrounding this emerging story on this possibly fatalistic dad this Friday, May 30, and of the uncanny likeness between the author’s father, Earl Van Best, Jr., and a composite drawing of the alleged killer.

New booka bout the Zodiac Killer, cover version
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The new book focusing on revealing the true identity of the Zodiac Killer is only one of many texts focused on highlighting who the frightening murderer may really be, but it is certainly a particularly engaging one. Authors Gary Stewart and Susan Mustafa are now arguing in their New York Times’ bestseller hit that Stewart’s estranged dad, Mr. Earl Van Best, Jr., needs to be added to the top of the list of potential Zodiac murderers. The book itself focuses on Stewart working through research and investigation to find his family and solve the mystery behind his dad.

One of the first main points of convincing evidence, it seems, are the shocking similarities between the mug shot that Stewart found in his research of his own father, and that of the infamous Zodiac Killer composite sketch. Stewart was able to retrieve the mug shot from the San Francisco Police Department once he discovered that his long-lost dad, Van Best, Jr., actually had a criminal record there, the same area where many of the killings occurred.

Chron News adds in its review this afternoon that “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” has turned heads for more than just the likeness between Earl Van Best, Jr., and the Zodiac Killer sketch. While the proof can be rather imprecise itself at times, the interesting narrative highlights some under-investigated leads and surprising coincidences about the author’s search for his father — and his dad’s “true” identity unmasked. After all, who was the Zodiac Killer remains a perennial question for the entire nation as an unsolved string of crimes.

The report adds that to this very day, no man (or woman, for that matter) has been formally arrested — let alone sentenced — for the notorious Zodiac killings, which primarily took place in the early 1970s and very late 1960s in the San Francisco Bay locale of California. While the cruel murderer claimed at one point that he was the reason for up to 30 murders, police do believe that he was a direct cause for at least six or more deaths.

During his frightening killing onslaught, the Zodiac Killer spread nationwide fear for a time through his mysterious communications, asserting such things as that he could nab a child from a nearby school bus at any time, or — if law enforcement and investigative officers could decode his coded messages — they might be able to catch him. The new book, “The Most Dangerous Animal of All,” was published just last month and still reigns in a popular position on a number of national bestseller lists.

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