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Zockster is a monthly subscription box. For $14.00 a month, you will receive 3 pairs of bamboo socks and they are incredible! We just received ours and there doesn't seem to be any flaws in the fabric, excepting that one pair had a short strand at the very top. We clipped it and that was that. Even in our hands, they just feel nice, soft and comfortable. They are black and have a short leg on them.

Just as an aside, you may straight-up purchase 3 pair of Zockster's socks for a mere $16.00 and this is outside of the subscription box arena.

Mission Statement

... to give customers great products at great prices, when they need them.

The amazing thing about Zockster is many-fold. The socks;

...are comprised of bamboo fibers, which are naturally round and smooth

...are the most comfortable pair of socks that you will ever pick up

...naturally have moisture wicking, which pulls moisture away from your feet

...are naturally antibacterial

...are good for the earth because bamboo requires much less water to mature, there are no chemicals and global warming is reduced

If we were to give Zockster a new slogan it would be this;

Great for the earth and great for your feet!

Enter coupon code: "LUVSOCKS" at checkout for any sock subscription and get 50% off your first month!

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