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Zobha interview

Looking for Yoga wear that can do double-duty as daytime pieces? Look no further than Zobha, a new line full of beautiful pieces you'll want to wear even on days you're not doing yoga. These pieces are not only stylish, but incredibly well built. I plan on wearing my leggings daily.

The jackets in this line are particularly lovely.


Sexy and flirty, but still functional, these are jackets you'll look for excuses to wear. Unlike so many fitness companies, Zobha doesn't shy away from the little details that count (a bow here, an interesting stitch there) and that's what makes it worth every penny. This is workout gear that will make you want to keep up your practice, simply so you can feel supported and gorgeous. 

To learn more about the line, here's an interview with Zobha founder, Jaime Hanna:

How did your interest in yoga begin?

After being a dedicated runner for most of my life, I started doing yoga when I became pregnant with my first child. By the time I had my second child, running didn’t feel good to me anymore. Yoga became a great way to work my body and quiet my mind at a time when my life as a full-time mother of two small children was feeling quite chaotic.

What was important to you when starting your business? I wanted to create an amazing product and build a brand that inspires people to be the best versions of themselves. I wanted there to be a strong community aspect and an opportunity to give back. From the beginning, the three pillars of Zobha have been the beautiful products we make, our community outreach and The Zobha Foundation, our charitable arm.

What's important to you today? Staying true to my vision and managing the growth of Zobha while still having fun along the way.

How has your company grown since opening?

We have grown very quickly over the past 2+ years since we launched. We are currently selling in 350+ stores in 20 countries and on In 2010 we will more than double in size from last year.

Why do you feel people have become such supporters of the brand?
We have very loyal customers at Zobha. Not only do they love our products in terms of the design aesthetic, product quality, colors and fit; they also find that our brand resonates with their personal sense of purpose, style and grace. Zobha is a Sanskrit word that means “grace, beauty and brilliance.” As a company, we do a lot to foster this grace through our Circle of Grace community of leading fitness and yoga instructors and through The Zobha Foundation, our charitable effort that gives back to the community in numerous ways. For example, we offer yoga teacher-training scholarships, donate a percentage of sales to Headstand, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to youth at risk, and regularly sponsor free community yoga classes around the world.

How do you hope to grow in the future?

The brand awareness that Zobha has gained in such a short time has been incredible. The key to our continued growth will be maximizing the potential of our existing distribution channels by providing the best possible service to our customers, and entering new channels and geographies.

What's something you like to do when you're not running your business?

I like to do just about anything with my kids. I also like to practice yoga, hike, read, paint and spend time connecting with friends and family.


You can find Zobha at Equinox and Moksha here in Chicago



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