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Zipper Accessories

DIY zipper belt tutorial
DIY zipper belt tutorial

Are you sick of the 80's grunge vibe that has been dominating the fashion scene, but still aren't quite ready to trade their chains, studs, spikes for lace and flowing chiffon? 

Check out these unique zipper accessories - they add a flash of metal and hardware and is a great, quirky way to personalize your outfit without being too feminine and girly.  We've been seeing more and more exposed zippers in tops and dresses, why not embrace the trend and take it all the way?

Here are just a few great zipper pieces floating around cyberspace -to make, to buy, or just to inspire --

It's often easier and a lot cheaper to experiment with different trends through new accessories rather than clothing pieces... so have fun and think outside the box! Zippers and zipper pulls can be used for so much more than just zipping things!