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Ziplining through Natural New Zealand

The ziplines start out small and go big to get trekkers used to the system.
The ziplines start out small and go big to get trekkers used to the system.
Janice McDonald

When you’re flying through the canopy of the forest near Rotorua, New Zealand on your zipline, you’re seeing New Zealand in a truly unique way.
Rotorua Canopy Tours is a zipline adventure that is designed not just for the fun of sailing through the treetops, but to help visitors understand and appreciate the forest they are traversing.
The Canopy Tour takes place in a 500 hectare reserve of native virgin forest just ten minutes outside of the heart of Roturua on New Zealand’s North Island. The three hour experience includes 10 platforms, six ziplines and two swinging bridges. The longest zipline sails over 250 feet across a gorge to platform towering above the forest floor and attached to a 500 year old tree.
The added bonus of this tour is that it also takes you on nature trails and helps you truly understand what an exceptional country you’re in.
When Captain James Cook first landed in New Zealand in 1769, he wrote of the incredible flora, fauna and birds he found. That amazing array of unique birds was decimated when outsiders began introducing non-native species of animals to the lands.
This was a land that had never experienced predators before. Many of New Zealand’s birds were flightless or had nests on the ground, making them easy pickings. An estimated 40 percent of these birds are now extinct. Rats, possums and stoats were the biggest issues and even today kill approximately 70,000 birds in the New Zealand forests each night.
The zipline tour is located in a rare native woodlands location where many birds are making a comeback, thanks to the efforts of its owners, the New Zealand Department of Conservation. A concerted effort to trap and kill these predators is paying off.
As you whiz through the tree tops or walk the grounds, you can see or simply hear numerous birds flying past or keeping an eye on you.
Because of the conservation efforts, the Roturua Canopy Tours limits the groups to 10 participants at a time
Reservations are recommended and can be booked through the company directly or through the local Tourism office. Rotorua Canopy Tours will pick you up at your hotel and take you to their facility to get equipped. Call locally 0800 CANOPY (226679) or 07 343 1001 anytime between 8am and 6.00pm local time.
Rotorua Canopy Tours
173 Old Taupo Road

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