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Zipbuds via Ginae

Zipbuds, LLC, is a California company. They were founded in 2010 and their mission is to give back to the city of San Diego. Its founders are Robin DeFay, Erik Groset and Justin Liu.

Received from Zipbuds:

1 Package of Zipbuds

The earphones which we have received are a prototype and do not have the zipper. Hence, we do not know how the zipper works/functions. What we do know about them, since just having tested them is that the set is comprised of a very soft plastic and they might just have a slight noise issue. We tested them at different times using different sound files and while the range that they cover is excellent, we are unsure about the possible noise issue. Perhaps, we suspect noise because we have never used ear buds before? We do not know.

Whether we are right, or whether we are wrong, Zipbuds does offer a 30 day money back guarantee, a 1 year warranty and free shipping. You can't lose just for trying them.

They are comfortable, though. We also like how that both the upper and the lower ranges are clear and not muddy. We like that a lot!

This pair is a soft blue and look just like the image attached to this article, excepting the all-blue ear buds. These are contrasted with a silver metal, then black bases.

After the Kickstarter campaign finishes, MSRP for the ear buds will be $40.00 for the non-microphone version and $50.00 for the microphone version. So, which will it be?

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