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Zionsville schools: 8 violations of special education law

Indiana Department of Education
Indiana Department of Education

In a gutsy move that may inspire educators statewide, a former Zionsville teacher’s complaint to the Indiana Department of Education has resulted in a finding of eight different violations of laws designed to protect children with special needs.

As the people implementing IEPs and working with children first-hand, teachers and aides are some of the best-suited people to judge how well a child’s education plan is working. Teachers see the child in the classroom each day, see the quality of work being performed, and see the comprehension shown throughout the school day. A school year’s worth of classroom observations are a gold mine of information when it comes to a child with special needs.

However, because teachers and aides are employed by the school district, they are often reluctant to raise a red flag when a child’s plan is not going well. Teachers sometimes fear retribution if they ask for additional help for a student, because it is possible that administrators will ignore the IEP concerns and instead question whether the teacher is capable of handling her job. Some educators sidestep this danger by going directly to parents and recommending that they request some IEP changes. However, a majority of teachers simply take a deep breath and try to educate the best they can with what they have been given.

Cheryl Boyer-Schrock’s bravery in publicly criticizing the way that Zionsville schools handle children with special needs is commendable. She saw that she and other teachers could do more to educate the children in the classroom, but “administrators are tying [our] hands by not providing the resources", as quoted by the Indianapolis Star.

A complaint regarding a child with special needs’ education may be submitted by anyone, not just a parent. If you would like more information about filing a complaint on behalf of a child with a disability, please review the materials provided by the Indiana Department of Education.


  • Seattle Special Needs Issues Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article. Sounds like the teachers there have their hearts and heads in the right place. Keep us posted.


  • Jenn 5 years ago

    Thanks for this note. Cheryl's one of the few special education teachers hired from outside the system. Eveyone else just played along with rules that weren't legal.

  • Jeff 5 years ago

    The question is, what will become of these violations? Will Zionsville correct their system or practice passive resistance?

  • Profile picture of LISALT
    LISALT 4 years ago

    What are those violations? What is the update on this?

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    What is happening to our special children. Once in high school our special needs children are being offered what Zionsville High schools calls "Life Skills" really? I'm really sorry but it seems to me that there are more to "Life Skills" then me handing over money so my child can order meals every day twice a day in a restaurant. As parents are we agreeing with Zionsville High School that our children will never be capable of more than this. I understand that the ability of some is greater than that of others, but come on people if we don't fight for more than ordering meals at McDonalds then that's all we will get. Ask yourself a question. Does your special needs child deserve more than what Zuionsville High School is offering? If we do not ask for change there can't be change. Our children deserve better it their right. It's the law. Change can't come if we don't demand change. Now I know there are others out there just like me. I am not the only one out here who wants better for our special needs child then what we are being force fed. IT'S TIME TO SPEAK UP!!! Please want better for your children. Our children are special they are unique. Stop the delay in their learning. Their time is now! Please fight for your child's rights! DEMAND MORE! DEMAND MORE NOW FROM ZIONSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I agree, What can we do? Who do we contact?

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