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Ziggy's in Winston-Salem is "Lit Up" again by Buckcherry

Buckcherry plays a show at Ziggy's music venue in Winston-Salem, NC.
Buckcherry plays a show at Ziggy's music venue in Winston-Salem, NC.
Lizzy Davis Photography

On Friday evening, Buckcherry returned to rock out with their fans at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Anaheim, California based band formed in 1995 and released their sixth studio album Confessions in February, last year.

Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd throws his signature pose to the fans in Winston-Salem.
Lizzy Davis Photography

Though a line had formed outside prior to the 7:00 P.M. door time, the venue still seemed fairly vacant when local Charlotte rock band Shadow of Myself took the stage at 7:30. Flying through their short set, Shadow of Myself turned the stage over to Exilia, an Italian band, currently touring with Buckcherry. The crowd interest and curiosity immediately piqued as female vocalist Masha Mysmane stepped on stage sporting brilliant flaming red-orange hair. With haunting melodies and visceral lyrics, Exilia's short set was all they needed to rally new fans.

A three-piece English band named The Virginmarys followed Exilia's set. The Virginmarys have been active since 2006, but only released their debut album King of Conflict in February, last year. With the release of the album, the band was named Best Breakthrough act at the 2013 Classic Rock Awards. The Virginmarys carried a very solid sound with an appreciable number of fans singing along to their entire set, however, lacked much stage interaction. Most eyes seemed to land on drummer Danny Dolan, who exuberantly pounded away at his drums.

It seemed as though people had come crawling out of the cracks by the time Buckcherry took stage. Ziggy's was teeming with fans and almost immediately women were shouting for vocalist Josh Todd to take off his shirt! The standing room, stage, fans and band alike were all "Lit Up" as Buckcherry kicked off with the debut single from their debut album. They continued with another song "Dead Again," from the 1999 self-titled album before playing a newer (and very show appropriate) single "All Night Long."

Surrounded by fog, Xavier Muriel was a beast on his drums.The lights were shining bright and guitarist Stevie D. was a blur as he jumped in the air and ran across the stage to strum alongside fellow guitarist Keith Nelson. It was no surprise when the ladies in the crowd got their wish as not only Josh, but also Stevie, revealed vibrant tattoos and fit bodies when their shirts came off before continuing on. The ladies continued to get special attention as Buckcherry turned down the tempo about halfway through their set. After playing "Everything," the band maintained the pace with their US and Canadian RIAA certified platinum hit "Sorry". Being sure to keep a fair balance of the sexes, "Porno Star" was played shortly thereafter.

Returning the focus to more current times, Buckcherry performed a string of three songs off Confessions. An extended version of the popular hit "Crazy Bitch" came next, but before the final chorus, Josh took a momentary pause to introduce the rest of the band. As he announced their names, each member played an accompanying instrumental solo. This was one of North Carolina's first opportunities to meet bassist Kelly LeMieux, who recently joined the band in late 2013.

There wasn't a notable lapse in time after Josh closed "Crazy Bitch" and jumped off stage for a second before returning to reveal that the band was amping up for a new EP with the fearlessly bold title: Fuck... and that every track on the EP would include the word in the title. Giving the crowd a hint of what's to come Buckcherry played a cover of Icona Pop's "I Love It (Say Fuck It)". Despite being a pop original, the catchy lyrics easily transformed into a heavier style that the rock fans in the room obviously approved of. Upon finishing the cover, Josh began staggering around the stage - a humorous and apt prelude to the evening's conclusion "Too Drunk."

Buckcherry has been a constant in the rock music scene for years and you can be sure to catch them on tour and as part of festivals across the globe throughout the summer. See all tour dates here.