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Zig Zag America guitarist/co-founder says band is dead due to jealousy and lies

TAMPA - Two months after it was announced that Tampa rock band, Zig Zag America, was going on hiatus, guitarist and co-founder, Mikk Tabakovic, has issued the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column a press release announcing his departure from the band due to false accusations, jealousy, and lies directed towards him and other former members of the band from another band member. Tabakovic’s press release also comes one month after it was first announced that Zig Zag America’s Manager, Dina Mead, and drummer, Chad Henderson, departed the band.

Zig Zag America guitarist and co-founder, Mikk Tabakovik
Zig Zag America
Zig Zag America guitarist and co-founder, Mikk Tabakovic
Zig Zag America

It needs to be noted that due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter within Tabakovic's press release, the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column has made the decision to omit the names of the two band members that are being accused in Tabakovic’s press release, as well as omit a short section of the press release that gets extremely personal.

The following is the official press release issued by Mikk Tabakovic...

ISSUED: JUNE 22nd, 2014


“Zig Zag America is dead!!!! There is no more Zig Zag America.”

Mikk Tabakovic, former lead guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the band, states he has quit due to false accusations, jealousy, and lies. [Band member’s name omitted] is being accused of by Mikk for having severe jealousy issues and control issues to the point of accusing him, former management, an several former band members of things that never happened. Just to get rid of them!!

“I could feel the tension, I was accused of stupid crap and lied to just like other former members of the band that [Band member’s name omitted] did not want, nor like, such as former drumers Bobby Walker, Chad Henderson, and our former promotional an touring manager Dina Mead. Now it was my turn to be exiled!! Knowing from past experience of how [Band member’s name omitted] works, I figured out what the problem was... therefor I opted to quit the band, not just for that reason, also [due to] the return of a former band member that was unreliable in every way. Don't get me wrong [this band member] can play, but at a cost... Getting way too drunk at gigs, breaking musical equipment, urinating off the stage, not following set lists, disappearing on a whim leaving us to scramble to find a replacement for gigs that were scheduled, and losing us paying gigs!! Knowing the band was going nowhere after [Band member’s name omitted] bad decisions and losing our record deal, I quit, [though] not wanting to after years of hard work writing all the music and 40% of the lyrics. Zig Zag America is dead and there is nothing I or anyone can do about it!”

- Mikk Tabakovic

Zig Zag America was originally formed in New Port Richey back in 1993 by singer, Jimmy Starr, and Mikk Tabakovic. By the end of 1994, the band members decided to go their separate ways, resulting in ZigZag America’s disbanding.

The original members of ZigZag America reunited in 2010 for a second go-around. Within a year though, Starr and Tabakovic would start having issues with their guitarist and drummer, leading to their departure from the band. Starr and Tabakovic quickly started searching for a new guitarist and drummer for the band. Tabakovic decided to switch from bass to guitar and brought on Jake Schaffer as the bands new bass player in February 2011. The remainder of 2011 would see ZigZag America go through multiple drummers before eventually bringing Beau Garrow on board in the winter of 2011.

With A new ZigZag America lineup in place in 2012, the band started performing all around the Tampa Bay area, quickly building up a solid fan base for themselves. It was also during this time when the band entered the studio to start recording songs for their up-and coming debut album titled ".COM". While ".COM" was in post-production in May of 2013, Garrow parted ways with the band. Soon after Garrow’s departure, the band would bring on Bobby Walker to replace him on drums. Several months later on August 8th, 2013, the band released their debut CD, ".COM."

On November 4th, 2013, Zig Zag America announced that they parted ways with drummer Bobby Walker, and replaced him with former Rebel 5 drummer, Chad Henderson. In mid-April, 2014, the band announced they would be going on hiatus. Shortly thereafter in May, Zig Zag America band manager, Dina Mead, announced that she was departing the band as their manager, along with Henderson also departing as the bands drummer. Shortly thereafter, the band announced Garrow would be rejoining the band as the drummer.

No official press release has been issued by the remaining members of Zig Zag America as of yet. If and when a press release is issued by the remaining members of the band, the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column will publish it.

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