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Zico: Review


We've been on the lookout for a coconut based beverage ever since having had the best one ever at a Thai restaurant a few years back. Then, we came upon Zico and while the people that we dealt with for this review was awesome and helpful in every way, we simply did not find anything close to our dream beverage. We're just not there.


We tried ZICO Natural and considered trying the Chocolate or the Pineapple. However, it was not to be. We just couldn't. To be fair, we did drink a considerable amount of the Natural before we decided that we shouldn't try the other two.

If you are not as persnickety as we are, you should try Zico. It has 5 electrolytes, packs the potassium of a banana and has been used intravenously in dire times of need. It's also an excellent source of hydration.

We are sorry that we do not care for this drink. We are. But, we are not sorry to state that is an over-sharer when it comes to the word, "Oomph," on their web site.

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