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Zhang Dali Square

Zhang Dali Square
Zhang Dali Square

Zhang Dali, Square

Klein Sun Gallery, NYC

June 26 - August 30, 2014

Growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China, Zhang Dali was not surrounded by art. It was while he was in exile in Italy that he became exposed to graffiti and started spray painting. His current exhibition, Square, is composed of pristine white fiberglass sculptures and a series of paintings. 'In this exhibition, Zhang Dali's abstraction of Tiananmen acts as a capturing of the holiness he finds there.' Beautiful detailed work.

Inspiration: Zhang's early work was highly inspired by the street art scene when he first arrived in Italy. Lately by China, its people and history.

Medium: Fiberglass, graffiti, painting, sculpture, photography, sculpture, documentary photographs and texts.

My Favorite Piece: Chinese Offspring mixed media: resin mixed with fibreglass 15 life size cast figures (not a part of Square however, it is on display at the back room of the gallery.

Klein Sun Gallery: Founded in Soho, Klein Sun Gallery is now located in West Chelsea. A gallery leader in contemporary Chinese art, 'its mission is to cultivate a unique selection of artists and present their visions to a global audience... to stimulate inter-cultural dialogue while promoting an academic approach to China's most ground-breaking talents.' Very warm reception, the young man who worked there answered all my questions, and told me a lot about Zhang's early work.

"There was not much art to look at [growing up] except political campaigns and comic books. I studied by myself.”

“At first people didn't accept it at all because before me nobody did it , so people were surprised... like maybe it [was] some kind of destructive thing… People are starting to accept it now because there are many reports of an artist doing graffiti on the walls, and the police began to stop looking at me so closely." - Zhang Dali, Destruction-series works

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