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Zevia concocts 0-calorie gluten-free soda with stevia and monk fruit sweetener

Find out about a new breed of soda.
Find out about a new breed of soda.
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What's in that can of diet soda you're drinking? The average consumer might answer "no idea" after attempting to interpret the mix of chemicals listed on the label. But Zevia has decided to make sure that the company's unique blend of diet soda provides an easy-to-understand and safe list of ingredients by combining all-natural stevia and monk fruit sweeteners. The sodas also are Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free, with zero calories.

Free of artificial sweeteners, with a zero glycemic index, they're a smarter, slimmer soda option for those of us who want to have our diet sodas without stressing about the health downsides. We tried the different flavors (a total of 15!), and our favorites are: