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ZETFree FoundDed's fully alive recital at The Beard

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ZETFree FoundDed lived up to expectations at The Beard, on Feb. 1. He was the openiner, along with Brown Ale and Bryson Foster. J-Swain was the direct support and Martyr Thompson was the headlining act. During FoundDed’s performance, Nato Lucero assisted him on portions of his recital. Jade Montoya provided live art and DJ Sham was the house disc jockey.

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Soon after FoundDed made his way to the stage, Lucero stood near the back to assist him with the instrumentals. FoundDed soon acknowledged Lucero and said they make up the duo known as Made Up Minds and how they were two members of the group, Bullhead*ded. Before the song began, FoundDed mentioned the first song he would perform might be rough. He stated the song was written about five years ago and rarely performs the song. Upon completion, the crowd embraced him with applause.

For the second track, FoundDed stated the song was a brand new song from his library and how he was looking forward to sharing it with the crowd. DJ Sham assisted him with the audio—as he continued to scratch, while FoundDed rapped.

Lucero made his way to the forefront of the stage, for FoundDed’s third song. FoundDed mentioned the song was a new one from Made Up Minds. After making the statement, the crowd welcomed both of them with a series of applause. After the song came to an end, he introduced Lucero. Lucero then accompanied FoundDed for the next song, as they complemented each other with their lyrical abilities.

Shortly after, FoundDed reminded the crowd it was a hip-hop show. He encouraged everyone to move about with them and to come closer to the stage. As he continued to perform, he encouraged the courage to clap along with him and they soon followed suit. As the energy from both Foundded and the crowd ceased, it gave him the opportunity to thank the venue for hosting the event.

Prior to bringing the concert to an end, FoundDed gave praise to DJ Sham. He mentioned Pueblo, Colo. was a home away from home. Then, corrected and said it would always be home. During the last performance, his vocal abilities escalated and he projected his lyrics louder. The energy continued to take over his body, as he performed some of the lyrics on his back. After he stood back up, he brought an end to his set.