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Zero Dark 2000




Here's a thought: To paraphrase Mike Huckabee this week on the problem of illegal immigrant children crossing our southern borders- accept them along with their costs, then deduct every dollar from the Foreign Aid we send to these Central American countries!

Through a collaborative effort with the Market Technicians Association, the TSAA-SF is pleased to host Dr. Howard Bandy in a LIVE webcast on Wednesday, August 13th!

Dr. Bandy will present on the topic of his latest book, Quantitative Technical Analysis, which is expected to be released later this year. You can view this presentation for FREE, but you must register in advance to participate. To register, click the image below or visit the MTA website.


The 3rd annual ChartCon 2014 Conference for enthusiasts!

For anyone living in or visiting Seattle this month, Stock Charts is hosting a technicians' seminar on August 8-9 featuring some familiar names from TSAA and GGU:

John Murphy, Martin Pring, Dick Arms, Alex Elder - and colleagues from Golden Gate Univ. and TSAA: Bruce Fraser and Gatis Roze.

Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Seattle.


The Money Show comes to San Francisco on the 21st of Aug.

Where: Hilton Hotel in Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Even if you are not sure if you are attending the SF Money Show, please take a few minutes to register anyway via the "Register Here" link ( Its free and it will help TSAA/GGU get a free booth at the show. Thank you very much!

For the schedule, go to:‎

Thursday speakers feature TSAA/MTA locals Brett Villaume and Martin Pring.


Dr. Tucker Balch from Georgia Tech spoke last week before the TSAA/MTA at GGU about "robotic" investing, or Machine Learning (ML). Nice crowd of mostly students heard him mention the factoid that since 2008 about half of the S&P 500 is no longer in the Index - an important fact when comparing funds or portfolios to benchmarks - called survivorship basis. Although he did not recommend stocks, I noticed in his current screen that Alcoa (AA) was projected to rise slightly for the next month (which it did) and AXP to fall precipitously, which it did - 10 points!


Zero Dark 2000

It appears that for now the S&P 500 (SPX) is not able to penetrate up through the triple zero 2000 mark. Technically, the Index has breached the Feb. low, but remains in a sword like Wedge (bearish) since then. A larger wedge and rising bottoms trendline going back to 2011 sees Support in the 1850-70 zone, which is also the trendline from March '09.

From my Sentiment blog:

In another futile attempt to breach the triple zero on the SPX the expected selloff last week was aborted today (so far) byt he old reliable McClellan Oscillator dropping below -50 Friday (minus 89!). August has not been very profitable the past three years, and the JASON (July-Nov.) period spells caution as well. A/D on the NYSE was terrible (-2288 net declines); Insider selling is still heavy, but steady - especially Gold, where commercial traders are huge.

Monthly figures for ETF flows for June finally arrived, with increases in all, except bonds - margin interest again rose to almost new highs, which is positive for the market, via correlation.